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no later than August 24, 2013

no later than August 24, 2013 (postmark ) .2 . Only applicants who meet the requirements will be called for clickingfollow the selection . Place and the selection schedule will be notified later by PT PLN ( Persero ) Distribution Central Java and DI Yogyakarta via websitehttp://www.pln.co.id/disjateng/andhttp://icc.syncore.co.id/pln
MISCELLANEOUS1 . Participants who qualify will be enteredPre-service Training , training conducted with a maximum of 12 months as a status siswa Training Prajabatan2 . By passing Training Prajabatan , will be appointed as the Permanent Employees shall undergo a bond for 5 ( five ) years and the retirement age of 46 years .

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